What is Buzz?
So Google recently launched Buzz. The latest and greatest on sharing thoughts on why your cat is so awesome. Why the wife smells of beer. Why you like those boots. Why the boat of your dad is painted pink for no apparent reason and why you hate your job but love the girl in the metro on the way to it.

Meanwhile, it’s just a new way of sending messages from existing networks with a twitter-ish manner of sending stuff from Buzz itself which end up in your mailbox to stitch it all together. Sounds like…. yes…! Email! And what happens with your email at Google? Indeed, they make money with it.

Reasons Buzz is failboat:
1. It’s powered by Google
2. It’s not a social network as they do suggest
3. It knows everything about you and thinks that that is cool
4. It adds nothing since it relies a lot on existing services
5. The interface is horrible

What does that mean?
1. Google is an arrogant greedy monster of a company which only goal is to “unify” the internet under their terms and rules. And they have two rules: “You click our ads! We make money!” and “Your privacy is ours!” Reason enough for me to not use anything of Google. But that’s rather dificult, sadly.

2. While they sort of suggest that Buzz is a social network, the answer to Facebook and Twitter. I can’t stop wondering why it relies on other social media like Twitter and Flickr. Make your own medium! But wait, Google owns those companies. Most of them anyway. Will they be phased out and merged under the one name Buzz? That would be pretty clever. But for now that’s not the case.
Your ‘thoughts’ in Buzz are treated as mail. Thus they’ve basically re-invented email and called it “messages” or “thoughts”.

3. Since Google is practically everywhere, collecting your every detail. It knows pretty much everything about you. Upon activating Buzz i was confronted with my ex-girlfriend and Buzz thought we should hook up by following eachother. Maybe Google doesn’t know everything after all, but it did scan my emails to find out we were friends at some point. It was highly annoying. Also most of my other “followers”; i have checked them all out, yes all 7. I don’t know these people and see no relation to why they should or would follow me or why i would follow them. Are they picked randomly because we wrote the same keywords in emails recently? Freaky! Bunch of stalkers at Google…

4. For a messaging service, which is what Buzz really is, it should not rely or hook into other social networks. It defeats the purpose of them all! But since it uses Twitter for updates aswell as Picasa, Youtube and Flickr. What’s the point? really… No point! None at all!

5. True to Google, it looks like crap. A boring white and blue layout, like Gmail. Bah! Be innovative for once! At least Facebook makes an effort with a proper site design.

Your thoughts?

Written by Arnan

The creator of the popular AdRotate for WordPress plugin. Created the OmniKassa plugin for WooCommerce. Original author or WP-Events for WordPress. Owner of AJdG Solutions and entrepreneur.