Today i doubled the ram on my PC to 8GB and also doubled the ram in my server to 8GB.
Thorough investigation showed that the server kinda 24/7 was running with 3.5GB used… Not so much fun! DAMN YOU MINECRAFT!
And my PC… Well, it had 2 slots free on the main board. So there you go!


Now the only computer i use with less than 8GB ram is my Laptop, which is still at 4GB. But no sense in upgrading that thing. It’s barely used.

Anyway, Minecraft server should now run a lot smoother. I’ve allocated a maximum of 3GB to the server now. Which is double than before.
And windows didn’t even complain about hardware changes and just went with it! yay!

Written by Arnan

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  1. Marcus Hochstadt

    I for one gave up on a PC about 2 years ago due to my travels and desire for mobility.

    My older HP laptop with 4GB RAM was running hot most of the time (also due to the AMD CPU). My newer Acer laptop with 16GB RAM (& new i7 Sandy Bridge CPU) takes challenges with ease and coolness. Pretty impressive.

    So yes, increasing RAM definitely helps speed things up (& cool things down) — in conjunction with a newer CPU and the right OS as each Windows version has limitations in terms of how much RAM it supports (or as they call it, Physical Memory Limits).

    • Arnan

      Limits set by Microsoft for most versions… Which is ridiculous! So not so much “physical memory limit” more like “microsoft memory limit”.

  2. Charlie

    Limits?? Set by microsoft?? Thats not exactly true. All windows 95.. 98 versions up to windows millineum ran on top of 16bit DOS even though incorporating 32bit code. The first windows 32bit os released priced affordably to the public that counted memory straight from zero up not dependant on dos was windows 2000 released in 3 different flavors win2000, win2000 server, win2000 advanced server. However even as a 32bit OS windows had memory limitations (mathmaticly that is) . next was xp vista etc.. the 64 bit cpus and tech behind them has raised the memory limit like wow is all I can say and if you have a 64 bit cpu running 64bit windows and your system only supports 4 gig of ram its probably your motherboard manufacturer limit or you need a bios update. If neither is available time for a new motherboard. I will say that if IBM had of given away OS/2 Warp as bill gave away Win 3.11 on up we would be alot better off on the IBM computing platform.OS/2 Warp Was 32bit straight up when windows was having its diapers changed.

    • Arnan

      Obviously a 32bit system can’t handle it. And why even mention old OS’s like win9x … Not at all relevant.
      However, limiting windows 7 starter to 2GB for the 32bit version is a bit dumb… Why can’t those users not benefit from 4GB? Why can windows 7 Ultimate have 192GB ram and Premium only 8… Underlying kernels and stuff are the same. Same goes for vista.

  3. Charlie

    Well misinterpeted the post somewhat.. however the answer is obvious.. to make money. Why would a home user upgrade and spend money if they can use 192gig of ram or reading your post a second time the full limits of 32bit win7? Marketing gig all bout money hate to day it. I’m not defending microsoft… as I said I wish IBM had took the reigns on the pc platform

  4. Marcus Hochstadt

    For those wondering what the exact Physical Memory Limits in various Windows versions are…

    Agree it’s ridiculous, though that’s how marketing often is. Plus, I also read that Apple restricts and/or limits certain things in their devices and environments too.

    Either way, the quality (or features) of a product is often determined by the amount of money you’re willing to pay.

    Certain cell phones that are locked for one or two years… Aircrafts with three different classes (sit farther in front and you enter a whole new world, respectively)… TV subscriptions (same cable or antenna, yet the more you pay the more channels you’ll magically receive)… Internet subscriptions (same cable or antenna, but the more you pay the higher the speeds will be)…