Someone asked me today which plugin i use on

I’m not sure if posts like this are still hip and relevant but it’s been ages since i’ve listed my plugins, maybe 3 years? Or longer. I don’t even remember.

So here goes:

      AdRotate – Which is my own – Displays ads.
      Akismet – Automattic – Against spam.
      All in one SEO pack – Michael Torbert – Optimizes the site for SEO somehow.
      CustomQuery – Another of myself – Let’s me run queries on MySQL without PHPMyAdmin.
      Feed Statistics – Christopher Finke – Attempts to grasp stats of my RSS feeds. But it’s not very good at it i think.
      Based on the thousands of plugins out there that use my RSS feed, i ought to have more than 50 subscribers…
      Jetpack – Automattic – Addons to WordPress, mainly visitor stats and social buttons.
      Search Everything – Dan Cameron – An excellent plugin that includes more into the search results than only blog posts.
      Simple Lightbox – Archetyped – Pretty lightbox effects without fuss!
      Slickr Flickr – Russel Jamieson – Flickr photos on a page.
      Text Link Ads – Display ads from Text Link Ads in a widget.
      WP-Syntax – Steven A. Zahm – Syntax highlighting for code.
      Worthless Plugin – Myself – A worthless plugin that does nothing.

And that’s it… Opposed to sites who use over 40 plugins. At some of the people who bought AdRotate services i noticed a boatload of plugins. It’s nuts.
Anyway, this is my humble list. :)

Written by Arnan

The creator of the popular AdRotate for WordPress plugin. Created the OmniKassa plugin for WooCommerce. Original author or WP-Events for WordPress. Owner of AJdG Solutions and entrepreneur.