A few years ago I’ve bought an older iBook Clamshell for fun. Later I found out that it was an iBook II SE Graphite. A somewhat rare model of which only a limited number were made. Yay!

It works fine, but I’ve made some adjustments to it. Like replace the harddrive with something more modern and add a original Airport card.

Unfortunately the casing is in a less than awesome shape. So I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement. And the keyboard needs some love. The Apple leaf fell out and is lost. Some keys are a bit wonky, too. One fell off and the underlying mechanic that makes the keys move is not top notch either for a bunch of other keys.

So if you’re in Europe and have a iBook II SE Graphite (466Mhz with Firewire) and want to help me out… Perhaps we can strike a deal that I buy the machine from you.

Earlier this week I bought a similar iBook to perhaps use some internal parts from or to restore the keyboard on the iBook II with. But what’s more. The battery still works!! The Yoyo adapter is like new, too. Awesome!

Written by Arnan

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