Late last year my sites and some clients sites weren’t overly happy with the outages that occurred almost hourly on my hosting package from our hosting provider. After 3-4 weeks of that nonsense and no helpful response from their staff. We decided to move back to an older provider. One we left almost 2 years ago because their servers SSD raids crashed or whatever.

Anyway, I moved all sites, about 10 of them, to the new (old) hosting provider and the malware warning should have been a sign on the wall. Apparently the server I was pooled in was used to send spam. And pretty much every spamfilter and Google wouldn’t let me properly access our sites because of it. The webhosts response was –

“Well, that’s unfortunate. But we don’t control that so we can’t do anything. No we won’t move you to another server.”

Hmm, awesome start, guys! So I spent the following day spamming reports to google to let me on the server without warnings popping up everywhere. And behold! Within 24 hours things suddenly started working.

That luckily seemed to have been cleared up fast enough.

However, the server was slooooooow :( IMAP timeouts every hour. MySQL (database) timeouts even more often. And their response –

“Well, that’s unfortunate. But we can’t control the scripts you use. You must be doing something wrong. Perhaps you should write a better MySQL interface. Yes there is a limit on MySQL users of 10 connections per user. IMAP is also limited to 10.”

Great. Mind you, I took a reseller package. You’d expect better service and better helpdesk responses. Not so. Also, I use WordPress for all my sites. That doesn’t guarantee stellar performance. But their database class is pretty damn awesome.

And so, 2 weeks of slow madness later. We’ve now moved to MediaTemple. Which seemed a bit too shiny and awesome to be true. But so far they’re making up for it. I got the entry level DV server. Which is basically a Virtual Private Server (VPS). So far it’s fast, fast and fast!

No stupid low MySQL caps. No idiotic IMAP limitations. No memory limitations. No 2 second server delay until you receive the first byte of data. It just works.

I had some questions, they answered within hours… Not days. Even at 5am in the morning. They seem involved in their answers. Pointing me in the right direction. Telling me what I did wrong and what I needed to correct. None of that “Yea you need to do X and then Y.” without actually telling me what X and Y are, just simple and clear pointers and a knowledge base link for more details. Excellent!

Fingers crossed that this is FINALLY a decent host that lives up to proper standards for many years to come.

Written by Arnan

The creator of the popular AdRotate for WordPress plugin. Created the OmniKassa plugin for WooCommerce. Original author or WP-Events for WordPress. Owner of AJdG Solutions and entrepreneur.