Well it’s 2 weeks since my last post on Sim City. I have been able to play the game a bit more and learned a few things on how the game works and such.

But the last time I’ve played it is almost a week ago I think. I don’t really remember. It’s a boring game. Everything is spelled out. Missions are dumb and if you can fill the map in 2-3 hours and with that the region in a day make money in all of the cities. What else is there to do really? That’s right, tweaking the system to make even more money. Money you can’t spend because the maps are full.

BOOM! “We need water” What? You have the biggest water pump plant thing right there. “Yes but the water under it ran out!!”. What?

So now in this tiny plot of a city I need to break stuff to build a new water plant. Why not just drill deeper or build a pipe to where the water is. Or pump from the sea and filtrate that stuff.

“No, we want you to break your successful neighborhood, drive thousands of people from their homes. Make the remaining ones unhappy by building a bigass water pump in their backyard!”

WHAP! “We need (random resource we depend on!!!)” But it’s right there!

“Yea… well, you’ve spend half the build space and hundreds of thousands of monies on it but it ran out in an hour! We need more and we need it now or we’ll move to another city!”

But hey! The region is depleted… Sooooo. I’ve finished Sim City. As in, finished the game. Like finishing a storyline in a game. If there are no renewable resources like Oil, Coal, Water and stuff like that. What’s the point in playing any further, people will walk away, industry dies out etc.

Fine, new region, new everything. But, it’s just a repeat of the same. Same missions, same problems, same timing. The game has NO variation at all. Where most games are repetitive. This is a step beyond the “normal” standard of being boring. What a waste!

Written by Arnan de Gans

The creator of the popular AdRotate for WordPress plugin. Created the OmniKassa plugin for WooCommerce. Original author or WP-Events for WordPress. Owner of AJdG Solutions and entrepreneur.