Last month I reported a problem to my acquiring bank for Credit card payments. About half the credit card payments I handle fail for a variety of reasons. They did a investigation and last week finally came to the conclusion that there was indeed a problem.

Their explaination

Basically what happens is that some credit card distributors give out MasterCard cards with Visa card numbers. Because the customer is not aware of this he/she will choose MasterCard (as per the label on the card). This in itself is not a problem as long as the bank can figure out where the number belongs and process the payment.

Due to a small oversight in the handling process it can occur that if you choose MasterCard the bank goes that route and from that point on will no longer take Visa numbers into account. If that MasterCard has a Visa number the payment will fail.

The payment failure can range from a simple “card declined” to a “invalid card” or even a “failed authorisation” error. Depending on the distributing party and what the acquiring bank makes of the number. In some cases the gateway stopped responding completely and a timeout would eventually occur.

They also informed that this will be resolved before too long but can be worked around quite easily. Simply by having to approach the choice of payment a bit differently.

The solution (workaround)

Send a different request to the bank. Let the customer choose a specific method right from the webshop instead of have the customer choose at the banks gateway. And for credit cards always assume both Visa and MasterCard.

Which is what I did;



Available very soon in OmniCard. Prettier, more secure and hopefully no more failures.

Note: No security is compromised and strictly technically speaking there are no flaws in the processing of the transactions. The bank in question is fully PCI compliant and with that adheres to the strictest rules possible to guarantee the security of your transaction.


Written by Arnan

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