That’s you average Facebooker, Twitterer. And yes you too, people on IRC and forums. I see it all the time, pretty much everywhere. Everyone has something to say. 95% has nothing to contribute and may as well not respond. Your opinions do not matter and only distract from the topic.

So many legitimate questions or initiatives are driven into the ground because of your stupidity and you don’t even realize it. Having a voice on the internet doesn’t mean you can turn off your brain or common sense. Shut up already.

There is nothing wrong with saying;

I don’t get it. Tell me more!

Then the answer (usually) adds to the conversation or question in a meaningful way. This helps the topic along. Helps people understand the idea or question and with that adds something useful to the whole idea so maybe your question encourages people to engage and perhaps even help the cause. Cool! Go for it.

But instead people, without thinking, form their opinion immediately.

You lot are ruining the initiative. Driving interested persons away. Or worse, turning the question into a explanation riddled questionnaire about nothing where the actual topic is lost in your fluff.

But then, most of you will think this post does not apply to you anyway. And that’s the real problem :(.


Written by Arnan de Gans

The creator of the popular AdRotate for WordPress plugin. Created the OmniKassa plugin for WooCommerce. Original author or WP-Events for WordPress. Owner of AJdG Solutions and entrepreneur.