touchidI bought the iPhone 5S as soon as it was available and *only* because I wanted Touch ID. Otherwise I was perfectly fine with my iPhone 4. So imagine my huge disappointment when Touch ID sucked so bad I couldn’t use it.

I felt like I had wasted 700 euros right there. Of course the higher Megapixels of the camera were nice, and probably some other things too, but that’s not why I bought the device. My iPhone 4 made nice pics too…

After turning off Touch ID I became yet again increasingly annoyed with using a PIN to unlock the damn phone. But also to type my password – Which Apple insists is a long and increasingly difficult one with weird characters and all that. Super annoying. So I figured, I use only a few fingers to ever unlock my iPhone. Why not scan my fingers twice. Finger 1 & 2 are my left hand thumb and index finger. Finger 3 & 4 are my right hand thumb and index finger. Finger 5 is again my left hand thumb.

And voila. Touch ID now works most of the time for that finger. Sadly the iPhone can only store 5 fingers. But you can’t have everything ;)
I’ve been using this for a few days now and so far the results are good enough.

Written by Arnan

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