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Events can show various types of lists wherever you want on your blog. Take a look at the samples below and make your own creative construction with it. You can use as much lists as you want on as many places as you like.

Show a list of events on a page (default)

1. Create a new page.
2a. To show just events put in the page field:
[events_show type="default"]
2b. To also show the archive, put in the page field:
[events_show type="archive"]
2c. And to show todays Events, put in the page field:
[events_show type="today"]
2d. Or to show a weeks worth of Events, put in the page field:
[events_show type="week"]
3. Save the page.

Customized lists (advanced)

Show a specific category:
[events_show category="2"]
Show a specific event:
[events_show type="default" event="9"]
To show just 2 events on your page use:
[events_show type="today" amount="2"]
To also show override the sort order:
[events_show type="default" order="thetime ASC"]
Or a combination:
[events_show type="archive" amount="15" order="ID ASC"]
Note: For the ‘order’ field review the table and use a table field name and ASC (ascending) DESC (descending), make no mistake here!


For the sidebar you can use the widget. This can be found in your dashboard under appearance. Or you can use PHP to implement the widget manually.

Some examples
echo events_sidebar();

And some useful variations and options
echo events_sidebar(5, 2); /* Show 5 events from category 2 */
echo events_sidebar('', 3); /* No amount override but show category 3 */
echo events_sidebar(8); /* Show 8 events */
echo events_sidebar(6, ''); /* Show 6 events */

– Open ‘wp-content/theme/yourthemefolder/sidebar.php’ in your favorite editor (this can be any plaintext editor)
– Add a PHP snippet as in the examples above where you want the events to show
– Save and upload ‘sidebar.php’ to its location
– You can now go to the ‘Events’ menu to schedule events
Note: Typically you’ll want to use the widget as it’s much easier to install and works across themes.