Name RandImage
Current version 0.4.1 – Stable
Previous version 0.4
Compatible with WordPress 2.5 and newer
License GPL
Demo See the sidebar
Downloads randimage v0.4.1
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For those who do not use some random gallery plugin and like to show off some of their images at random. RandImage shows a number of images randomly in the sidebar. Offers simple customization and manually set amount of images.


  • Show random images
  • Choose how many images you want to show
  • Link to post the image is in or the gallery image
  • Simple in use
  • Integrates with WordPress’s Media Manager
  • Widget included



      1. Upload the file to the plugins folder.
      2. Activate the plugin from the “plugins” page.
      3. Insert this code in your theme:

      4. Make a donation!


All versions

      1. Upload the file to the plugins folder overwriting the old one.
      2. Make a donation!


      1. Remove the code from your theme and de-activate the plugin
      2. Remove the file from wp-content/plugins


0.4.1 [January 27, 2009]

  • [new] Data Project tracker code added (info)

0.4 [18-08-2008]

  • [new] Link to either the post or gallery image

0.3 [27-07-2008]

  • [new] Widgetized stuff

0.2 [29-06-2008]

  • [update] Check if images actually exist, if not show error/message
  • [update] No spacer if just one image

0.1 [15-05-2008]

  • Show random images from the WP media library in your sidebar