caught-youYesterday someone bought a Multi License of me for AdRotate Pro.
The payment went well. Client was granted access to the download and a license key was sent out.
Can’t be simpler.

All was good…

Then Paypal peeked around the corner and deemed the client a fraud and of course they took my money… Great :(

You have received a payment that we believe may not have been authorized by the PayPal account holder.

I don’t care what you lot believe! Stop taking my money for no reason!

I had to post a response to that to aid their investigation.
How that would help is beyond me. I don’t know the client. All I know is that someone paid for a product and has received it. End of story.
Where that money comes from is not my business and I don’t care to know. As far as I could tell the client wasn’t even notified of this stuff.

Now today, Paypal of course decided in their favor, took the money, and “reversed” the payment. Effectively deciding for me that I should give my software away for free.

Luckily for me the buyer also had already downloaded AdRotate… So yea – I’m now, yet again, out of pocket because of AdRotate!
Screw you Paypal with your nonsense and stupid policies! Really, screw you!